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Sony / Sony F55 Slog3 LUT?
« on: July 15, 2014, 05:15:49 PM »

I'm working on my first show with the F55, we are shooting to XVAC with SLog3/SGamut3. Is there a LUT generator for this camera/colorspace?

In the past when working with a camera like the Alexa, they have an online LUT generator that allows you to create exactly what you need to properly see your footage (logC). I often times check footage in After Effects, or Nuke, while on set, especially if we are doing greenscreen or anything that needs to technically hold up for visual effects work.

After Effects is stupid and has no idea what to do with the footage unless you give it a LUT. Nuke has an Slog2 setting, but I need to find something for Slog3/Gamut3 so I'm seeing in comp what we see on set.

Any ideas?


I work in visual effects primarily and I would like some clarification on what a .cdl file is used for. I often see this file included with footage off of digital cinema cameras, such as the Alexa and more recently with the F55.

I've tried to apply the .cdl as a LUT in nuke on top of F55 footage, but it doesn't seem to change anything at all. I'm more accustomed to .3dl or .cube files when applying a LUT as a compositor, and some software like After Effects won't even read the .cdl files coming from the F55.

So could someone please explain what this .cdl file is, and when it's important?


- Matt

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