Author Topic: What is a .cdl file, and is it important?  (Read 3319 times)

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What is a .cdl file, and is it important?
« on: July 15, 2014, 05:10:23 PM »

I work in visual effects primarily and I would like some clarification on what a .cdl file is used for. I often see this file included with footage off of digital cinema cameras, such as the Alexa and more recently with the F55.

I've tried to apply the .cdl as a LUT in nuke on top of F55 footage, but it doesn't seem to change anything at all. I'm more accustomed to .3dl or .cube files when applying a LUT as a compositor, and some software like After Effects won't even read the .cdl files coming from the F55.

So could someone please explain what this .cdl file is, and when it's important?


- Matt